Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday, Oct 22nd was Peyton's birthday. It was a hard day. We miss him so much. Tom & I spent the day together, both of us took the day off. I put a funny poster at Peyton's gravesite. I knew the kids would be visiting it and wanted to make them smile. We had quite a few phone calls and cards. Several of the kids came over and we ate Peyton's favorite dish from the local Mexican restaurant. The kids brought over a book that they had written their favorite memories about Peyton. They had done this right after the accident but it had been passed around a lot and just now got back to us. It made us laugh and cry. It means so much to us that they won't forget him and he did make a difference in their lives. I can only hope Tom & I can do the same.

Last year at this time Peyton was driving to school for the first time. He was so excited. I sit here typing this and I still cannot believe this has happened even though it has been more than nine months since I have seen my son. It is taking effort to stay positive. Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Colorado. I discovered another family via the internet that is going through what we are going through. They lost their son in April of 2006, also a rodeo accident. We have been emailing for about 2 months and now we are going to meet in person.

I just viewed my blog and read over some previous posts. I needed it. I have had lots of positive things to say and will probably read them again today. "It's the Miracle of Christ in me," that says it all. I am an overcomer and will make it through this day and every other day. Thank you Lord for your peace, love and comfort. We have been loved on by God through so many people and Tom and I are grateful.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Tonight is our football Homecoming. Tom & I are having people over after the game. Tom is taking off early to go to the parade. I can't help thinking about all the years he coached Peyton in little league football and all the homecoming trailers they rode on. Amanda is a Jr. Maid this year, I hope she has fun. Don't really feel like writing today.