Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Little “folding” Money

Or should I say, a little money folding?

I was invited to a very special baby shower.  Some friends of ours got to bring their newly adopted baby girl home a few days ago.  She is precious and blessed.  God’s hands have been all over this family from the beginning.  You can read about it here.

The invitation to the shower presented a challenge. “bring a creatively unwrapped gift”  How in the world do you do that???  My first thought was a money tree, but then it evolved into something more :)

 folding money 010folding money 011folding money 009 

I made tissue paper flowers and sticky tak’d butterflies made out of $$$ to the flowers.  (you can learn the coolest stuff from the internet, even origami)

I was wondering if I chose the right color of flowers, because the pot I used had red on it.  I didn’t choose the correct colors;  God did.  I was so surprised when I walked into the shower and my gift matched the decorations.  Blue, purple and lime green are also the colors of the nursery.

I wish I could say I was being super spiritual while I was doing this project, but I can’t.  I actually made a white flower and a pink flower but I didn’t like the way they turned out, so I ended up with the blue, purple, & green. 

This tells me God is into details.  Things we think are insignificant, He will use to tell us He loves us.  Don’t confine God to things you think are “big & important”, invite Him into the small stuff too.  God wants to be involved in our “everyday”.

Thanks for reading : )