Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

I was working at Wilson Bros. Automotive seven years ago. I remember people coming in and telling us of the plane crashes. I remember sweeping the floor of the shop, wanting to pick my son up from school just to hug him, He was only nine years old. I remember hearing about the Pentagon and I didn't believe it, you know how rumors get started and then get out of control. But it was all true. I watched hours and hours of news footage and interviews with families of the victims. I couldn't turn it off, somehow it seemed disrespectful. So I watched and I cried. Now here I am missing my own son. It will be 8 months tomorrow. I wonder if he has met any of these people that left this earth seven years ago.

I tell myself every day that this earth is so temporary, just a blink of an eye compared to eternity. I know I will be reunited with Peyton and I have to focus on the good things that are still here on this earth. I will glorify my Savior and be grateful. We sang a song in church the other day that gave me an answer to the question I hear so much. "How do you go on?" The words in the song said, "It's the miracle of Christ in me, it's the mystery that sets me free." How true these words are. Christ in me is a miracle!! I will let that miracle shine through me. He has set me free from sin and death. I will rejoice today and be glad!! I miss you Peyton and I know you are having a wonderful, unimaginable, fantastic life in Heaven. Thank you Lord!!

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