Monday, February 8, 2010

Tax Season Fun!!!!!

I work for a CPA firm.  The general feeling about accountants is that they are boring.  Well I’m hear to tell you, our firm is not.  Every year we have a theme for tax season and we have different “socials” throughout January – April 15th.  These “socials” usually include lunch and some sort of “challenge”.  This year’s theme is “Around the World in 80 days of Tax Season”.  We’ve been divided into teams and each team has their own hot air balloon.  Our team “the Jet Setters” won the balloon decorating contest.  Yea Team!!!

 bbc 80 days


Here is a slide show of our balloons and the decorations of the “launch” of our balloons for the trip Around the World.

We have passports.  It lists all the destinations and the dates we are to “arrive” at each one. 

We’ve already reached our first destination, Rio De Janeiro.  We arrived just in time for Carnival.  We had to build our own floats for the Carnival parade.  We were given basic supplies, balloons, tissue paper and decorations from previous years socials to decorate our “float” aka office chair.  (I was too busy helping create our float to get pictures of it). Everyone participated and had a great time.  These socials are an important part of what makes our co-workers so close.  We work hard together and we have fun together.  A very special lady does the coordinating of these events.  If she’ll let me, I want to do a post about her…..we’ll see.

Our next stop……….Paris, for a Valentine celebration.  WooooHoooooo!!!


Kelley said...

What a great idea to have "social." I would think it would help with morale during such a busy season. Glad your team won!

Jessica said...

That's really cool!! I love stuff like that! I wish my work would do stuff like that! Although, I can't imagine the parts guys decorating their chairs! :)

ps said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Work should be fun - you need to enjoy what you do. I love where I work too! :)

Kay said...

So fun! If this is the hardest season of all, you might as well make it the most fun! : )

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

what fun! i worked at an accounting firm many years ago. what i remember most about tax season besides working horribly long hours? jelly bellies!!! i had a giant jar of them on my desk and now the mere thought of them kinda makes my stomach hurt. :)

so, have you done your own taxes yet? we are about to turn our stuff in to our CPA.