Thursday, April 22, 2010


I went to the mall today after work. I don’t go to the mall much, maybe go into JC Penney and/or Dillards. The mall was a place Peyton and I went together, just me and him. I loved that time with him, shopping for his clothes, athletic shoes etc. (maybe spoiling him a little)

I went in the front entrance and walked right past American Eagle. That was where we bought a lot of his stuff (until the cowboy phase hit). The smell of the cologne permeates the hallway. Even so, I did much better emotionally than I have in the past. I am grateful for the healing, but it is still sad.

As I was driving to my next destination, I was praying and thanking God for all the blessings in my life and the emotional healing. I am truly grateful. I was sitting in the drive thru at Chik-fil-a, still praying. I told God, “I know you are with me, but right now I want something tangible. I want to be the 100th customer. I want to “know” in an earthly sense that You are with me.”

I drove up to pay for my food and the cow bell was ringing and they handed me a rose…….and my free meal. God heaped a blessing on me with those free nuggets. The Creator of the universe said yes to my carnal request. I am a child of the King and I feel spoiled.


If you are not familiar with Chik-fil-A, every 100th customer gets their meal for free. It is the best chicken ever.


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh Becky!!! So thankful for God's tangible gift to you!

God is in the details. And He loves you VERY much!

(ps: our chick-fil-a's don't do that here.)

Dar said...

God's grace is truly amazing and saving - powerful to get us from where we are to where we are going and as finite as a rose as a touch from Heaven. How sweet and tender is our Heavenly Father!

Anonymous said...


God is so AWESOME and I love it when He shows us how much He loves us!

Chic-fil-a. . . . That is SWEET!


Jennifer said...

God is SO GOOD - to reach down and speak to us so plainly and clearly...reminding us He loves us and will never let us walk this path alone!! I just LOVE this....and, as a true Chick-fil-A fanantic - I'm excited to ask about the 100th customer!! Never heard about that around here:)

Sending you a mom to another!

Kelley said...

That is the best! How sweet and gentle is our Lord.

seeking him... said...

Wow! Our God is amazing! I love how He answers our needs.
We don't have chick-fi-a's around here but I love Tim Hawkin's song related to it. Every time I hear it I crack up! Enjoy!

PBroadfoot said...

So nice when we get an earthly confirmation of what we KNOW in our hearts. (Not bad to get free Chick-fil-a along with it!)
Jeff is the champion- I think he has been the
100th customer about 3 times now, and he came home with a gorgeous rose about a week ago!
So nice that the confirmation came from a company that honors the Lord's day, and has a reputation for treating its employees well!

Mona said...

Ah, Beck, that made me smile! I bet Peyton saw Him do that! =)

Kay said...

I don't think our CFA's do that either. *sad face* As often as I'm there, I would surely have gotten it free at least once. lol

I'm glad God is healing your heart. I know sometimes we do need something tangible. I remember when Bub was in transplant (very dark days for us) and I just didn't think I could keep going if there wasn't a bright spot *somewhere*. His counts tripled that day and it gave me hope that we would make it out of the hospital. I was so thankful for something tangible, like you said.

Hugs to you!

Loraine said...