Sunday, June 6, 2010

Graduation 2010

I’m not wanting to write this post.  I’ve been humming along nicely since graduation.  I don’t want to relive  the emotions that are tied to this celebration. 

There were a little over 200 graduates in Peyton’s class(237, I think).  As Tom and I were waiting for the ceremony to begin, we could see some of the graduates milling in the crowd.  There were several wearing their Peyton buttons.  I was surprised and thrilled.  Here are some pics of some of the grads wearing their buttons : )

This is a picture of the button.


I saw someone wearing this button too.

 button pic

We love her.



Diploma Burke Diploma Brock 

Steven & Lindsey


Megan & our Shepherd boy!!


The buttons would have been enough.  But that wasn’t all they did.  Peyton’s name was included in the valedictory speech.  It was said,(I am paraphrasing, don’t remember it word for word) “in middle school we had so much confidence in our abilities and believed we could do anything.  Peyton never lost that”…….I went into a little shock when I heard his name and I don’t remember everything that was said.  There were clips shown of his friends saying something about Peyton.  We are getting a copy of the DVD.  I was hoping to have it to post on the blog, but decided to post without it.  I am ready to watch it again so I don’t miss anything!!  We were so honored that they thought Peyton should be included.  There were no adults prompting them or making these decisions for them.  When they asked the principal at graduation practice if they could wear the button, he said he wished he had one to wear.  He had one on graduation night.

This post was not hard to write or hard to get through.  It was hard to start. Writing this post feels like the end.  I’m a little afraid the kids won’t be around as much and maybe the memories of Peyton won’t be as fresh and funny for them.  Graduation is in so many ways a final chapter.  Not the end of our book, but definitely the end of a chapter.  It is the natural way of things.  People grow and move on, but I know they will carry Peyton with them always.  Thank you Class of 2010, you have been a source of joy for us.  We love you and wish you blessings and much success.

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning these people!!

Us & the Peanuts

The Peanuts have been a ginormous blessing.  They are great friends.  They share their kids and granddaughter with us.  Thanks for everything.


Kelley said...

What a beautiful post! I wasn't at this graduation, but I feel so moved by what those kids did. How wonderful to include Peyton in this graduation. I love the buttons.

dar said...

That is great, Beck!

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful blessing - God certainly was watching over you..and blessed you that evening. I just love the buttons on their gowns - beautiful!!

Karen said...

You are a brave mama. I think I know how much courage it took to attend that ceremony. How very touching that beautiful Peyton would be honored and remembered. The buttons are so precious, and I love that you set up a scholarship in Peyton's name. What a beautiful way to have his legacy go on. The wall between life and eternal life seems so wide sometimes, but with eyes of faith, we can see it's only a thin veil. Your Peyton will always be remembered. He is living still and touching lives for eternity.
Hugs and love to you at this very bittersweet time. You are more than a conqueror.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

What a blessing. Sweet kids, and just keep taking it one day at a time. God's grace will be sufficient. Thanks so much for the prayers. Jackie