Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DVR – Friend or Foe?

I’ve become a slave to our DVR.  I see the DVR list getting longer and longer.  It overwhelms me.  I think I’m a little OCD when it comes to lists.  I see my list and I want to eliminate everything on it.  Should I watch or erase???  Should I consider erasing a failure?

I started DVRing Oprah this season because it’s her last one on network TV.  I don’t watch every one of them because most of the subject matters don’t interest me.  But I want to be in the know about what is going on.  So I have Oprah on my DVR list 5 times a week.  Then there are all of Tom’s hunting shows on the list.  Come on, those shows are all the same.  They are 30 minutes of commercials for hunting gear.  AND THEY ARE WHISPERING THROUGHOUT THE EPISODE!!!!!!  I say ERASE!!!

I’ve never been the kind to not go somewhere because “my show” is on, but now I want to DVR everything so I don’t miss something.  Then I end up erasing because there is no way I am going to catch up on all those programs.  I don’t even want to.  When I do watch a show that we’ve recorded, I get all tense waiting on the commercials so I can fast forward.  I don’t really enjoy the shows I do watch.  What’s a woman to do?

I’m going to go through my programmed recordings and delete some.  But which ones?  American Pickers?  Pawn Stars?  Oprah?  Biggest Loser?  Man vs Food?  Ultimately, I do like the freedom the DVR gives us, but I’ve really got to be more selective or chill out about erasing so much.

Andy Griffith is on pretty much ALL THE TIME.  It’s my fave.  I really don’t need a DVR…….if I could only convince Tom.


Dar said...

I'd say Tom has a major problem with the DVR alright - you are one funny lady! We haven't had TV for almost a year and I agree the DVR was SOOOOO convenient. I miss NCIS and one Hallmark movie called "The Christmas Card". Be persistent, you'll tame that thing yet!

Kelley said...

I don't get to watch much these days unless it is cartoons! I could win in Kids Trivia Pursuit if it had Dora, the Wonder Pets, Scooby Doo, and Olivia (the pig.) questions. Ha!

Kay said...

I DVR every once in a while but then usually don't end up watching what I taped anyway. I say wipe some of it out. But then again, its faster to watch on DVR and speed thru commercials etc. And you can pick and choose and if its not floating your boat, then you can bail.

The whispering cracked me up! Almost as bad as watching golf.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

After LOST wrapped up, I haven't really watched TV. Let me know if you find any gems in there!

(Personally, I would just delete all of them and start fresh. You are obviously doing just fine with your time without watching them. You won't miss what you don't know!)

Jennifer said...

Funny - I am the same way with the online devotionals that I receive in my inbox. I enjoy them (I even signed up for them) but I don't always have time to read them and so they pile up in my inbox. I like a tame inbox - would prefer an empty one but there are a few things I need to hold onto....but I just can't seem to delete unread devotions. I feel terrible and then I feel stressed that I need to get those read and it is a burden....that I could simply avoid if I would just push delete. Grrr