Sunday, November 14, 2010


We had an excellent teaching on pride the other night at church.  I have been thinking about it quite a bit since.  I was presented with an opportunity to use what I learned.  God is good like that.

We had a chili luncheon at work.  I ALWAYS make deer chili.  It’s a hit and I enjoy making it.  I am PROUD of it.  Well wouldn’t you know, SOMEONE ELSE was making the deer chili.  How dare they!? 

It gets better.  Do you know what I was asked to make???

VEGETARIAN CHILI (an oxymoron)

What the heck?!?!?!?!?

I agreed to do it.  I said I wouldn’t mind trying something new. I Googled “vegetarian chili” and asked the Lord to help me find a recipe.  He did, but I still did not want to make it.  What if it wasn’t any good?  What if I didn’t get any compliments? (why oh why do I confess these thoughts?) Finally, I let it go.  I asked the Lord’s forgiveness and guidance to make this dish.  He was with me every step and it was good :)

There is a vegetarian that works in our office.  He’s never asked for special consideration for his way of eating, but the person in charge of the chili wanted to make sure there was something he could eat.  He liked it very much and took home the leftovers :)

Making this chili wasn’t about blessing me with compliments or building up my pride.  God wanted to bless someone I work with and He used me to do it.  Thank you Lord.

What if I had let pride rule me?  I would have missed out on blessing someone and stretching out of my comfort zone.  God is about growth and going beyond what we can do on our own.

I know I am prideful in many areas.  One by one, God will reveal them and prune me.  I am grateful.

Thanks for reading :)


Kelley said...

That was something I totally needed to hear! Thanks so much for sharing about pride.

Jennifer said...

You are a blessing! So, did you enjoy the vegetarian chili...are you converting?? :)

Sending you a prayer for a wonderful and blessed week!

Beckypdj said...

Jennifer, I did like it, but not as well as deer chili. I don't think I am converting totally vegetarian, but our church is fasting again in January and I bet fruits, veggies, beans & rice will be the only items on my shopping list :)

Anonymous said...

I almost came in on my day off JUST for YOUR deer glad I decided to stay home I would have been disappointed and pouted like a baby. SDT

Kay said...

I am glad the ppl at your work are sensitive to the person with the different tastes. It would be hard if that one person couldn't eat while everyone else chowed down. I've been the one person before..and it's no fun. Love this post.

Jennifer said...

Have a happy weekend, friend. Just stopping by to say HELLO:)