Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Confession

There are times I post things that I am embarrassed about.  This is one of those times.  I think it is important to show the crazy things that grief can push you towards.

When Peyton first went to Heaven, I was desperate to know what he was doing.  John Edward is a man who claims to speak to the dead.  He has his own show on one of the cable networks.  I started watching it on a regular basis.  I knew it was wrong.  I knew it wasn’t of God, but I did it anyway.  I watched him speak to the deceased’s family members.  They seemed comforted by what he told them.  Of course there were times I thought Mr. Edward was so general he could be talking about anyone.  There were other times, he knew things that only the families would know. 

I wrestled with this issue a little bit.  I told myself, “what harm can it do, if it makes the families feel better?'”  He is telling them that their family members are fine.  You judge things by the fruit they produce.  Wasn’t he producing good fruit of comfort?

Wait a minute

I already know Peyton is fine.  This man can tell me nothing I don’t already know.

It took me a few weeks, but I did quit watching the show.  I realized, John Edward isn’t pointing anyone to Jesus.  That is the ultimate fruit.  When we come across something that seems supernatural, we need to test its fruit.  Is it real, godly eternal fruit? or is it fruit that produces a fleeting feeling?  Is the fruit giving God glory or man?  Test the fruit against the Word of God.  You can’t go wrong.

Thanks for reading :)


PS said...

Proud of you Becky for not only choosing life and blessing, but for being open and honest so that others too might make that choice. I love you!

Kelley said...

I completely understand why you watched that show and why you stopped. I am glad that you tested it with what you knew. God is good all the time.

Erin H said...

I love your willingness to just be honest...I know it touches so many people...the way you are open and you guys!

Erin H said...

So thankful for your honesty....I know it touches so many people...your willingness to just be real and you guys.

Jennifer said...

I attended Compassionate Friends for quite awhile after Tyler died - and I really "enjoyed" going. It was very comforting to be with other parents who could in some measure relate - and who wanted to listen to me talk about Tyler:) Most evenings were very helpful; however, we did have one evening devoted to supernatural encounters with our children. I was surprised how many parents had visited mediums (or whatever they are called). I really believe that type of thing is part of the occult world but I cannot really condemn them. I can completely understand how desperate we can be to talk to/hear from/know about our children. The sad part is those making a living by taking advantage of those hurting in such a way.

I so admire your honesty - and sharing your heart. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.