Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Stuff

The first new thing I want to tell you about is my laptop.  I’m typing away on it right now Smile  My office cycles out used equipment periodically and I was fortunate to have my name drawn for one of the laptops.  I am enjoying it very much.

Pinterest.  Heard of it?  It is very cool.  It’s like having everything listed on your “favorites” on your tool bar, pinned to a bulletin board.  You can see stuff your friends like and they can see what you like.  Click on the pics and it takes you to the website that gives you the DIY instructions, recipe, or where to buy stuff.  There are other things too, but this is how I use it for now.  I’m still fairly new to it.

Crafting – OMGoodness, I do not consider myself to be crafty/creative.  I can make something look decent, but I’m not one of those talented people that sees something and thinks “oh, I could make so and so out of that”.  But, I have gotten my craft on here lately.  I can’t show you what I’ve been up to, because some of them are Christmas presents.  However, I can show these.  They are my favorite little guys’ handprints on Christmas ornaments.  Would make great gifts for kids to make at school/church for their parents.





My favorite creative medium is food and I am focusing a lot on that this Christmas season.  I’m giving a couple of homemade food items this year.  The holiday season at the Jackson house will be Merry & Bright.  Yes, we miss our boy so much and there will be tears.  But we know that Peyton is with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…………..can’t wait for our reunion. 

I haven’t written much about keeping focused lately.  The battle isn’t as hard.  We’ve been trained and we are strong.  If we don’t quit………….we WIN!!!!!!

Be Thankful and enjoy your families, and thanks for reading Smile


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

We are definitely on the winning team!

I plan on baking or making candy this Christmas as gifts. And Pinterest has some great ideas. It is such an addictive and relaxing place to peruse, isn't it?

Kelley said...

I have Pinterest! We are taking things day by day with my Dad.

Jennifer said...

WOW - congrats on the new fun to be the lucky winner:) I'm still dragging my feet with joining Pinterest...but I am so tempted. I love looking at others - ha! and love all the great ideas. I am not at all creative either but have seen some "I think even I could do that" ideas! Love the idea of gifting with food.

I have to admit - I am struggling - in a big way - with this holiday season. There is so much pressure - self-imposed pressure - to make the holidays special for my family....I get overwhelmed, tired and start to lose my focus.

Enjoyed your post tonight - your attitude is rather contagious! Thanks for the reminder. Hugs -