Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Perfect Example

of God’s love.

of God’s promise of a good future.

of Hope.

of Joy.

of Healing.

of His blessing.

Tom & Isaiah Nov 12 2011

When I saw this picture for the first time, it brought tears.  Not because it is a sad picture, but because it represents all the things I mentioned above.

God has promised us good things and this picture shows me……………….. I am surrounded.

Thank you Lord, and thank you Jake for taking this amazing photo of Tom and your son.

Thanks for reading : )


Jake said...

Wanna know something? I think I like this picture just as much as you. Because to me and Sheena, it represents:

God’s love.
God’s promise of a good future.
His healing.
His blessing.

...for US.

God called us to Arkansas away from family. Truth is, family does not have to be genetic. God brought you guys into our lives as family (or us into yours'). We are so thankful. And the boys are so thankful for you guys. Have you seen their smiles with you lately?

God has created a wonderful thing. :)

Ckparker said...

This did bring tears to my eyes too!! What a precious moment between two great guys!!:)

Jennifer said...

Guess that is what they mean by a picture's worth a thousand words.

Love it - thanks for sharing....

Kelley said...

I love that picture! It captures the essence of love! It shows love, loyalty, trust, and admiration!

Dana said...

I love this photo!! (And what it means to both of you guys!!) GOD IS SO GOOD! I absolutely cherish the fact that He shows us His love for us even in the small things, such as a photo!

Kay said...

Just sweetness...and tears. Hugs and love! : )

Karen said...

Took a little time to catch up on your blog again. It's that season when all of us bereaved moms get a lump in our throat. Thinking of you and your beautiful son. Loved the Shoot Out. What a great way to commemorate Peyton. And the sticker in the car window? Amazing!
Hugs dear mama.