Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I just got home from church.  The message that was preached confirmed some wonderful things I have been learning from the Lord.  The things I am going to tell you may seem small, but to me they are huge.  They are life lessons that have taken me forty some odd years to “get”.  God never gives up on us!!!

My Christmas decorations are 85% put away.  Any other year, I would have had them down, put up, and the whole house totally in order the day after Christmas.  This year, I am resting in the Lord.  Resting in the fact that He loves me unconditionally.  Having my house in order does not make me more loveable or a better person.  It isn’t the act of putting away or not putting away the Christmas stuff that was wrong for me.  It was my motivation for getting it done.  If I didn’t have it done, I would be stressed and think less of myself.  I don’t have to perform for God’s love!!  That is a freeing revelation!!!  This is rest.

I do not have my grocery list for our healthy eating plan written down.  I don’t even have “the Plan”.  This is laughable to me.  So many years I have made my own plan and tried to make changes on my own.  For me, God is not giving me an overall plan.  It will be a day to day, maybe even meal to meal, leading of the Holy Spirit.  Oh my humanity (flesh) wants to plan it, sweat over it, write it down and have it all neat and tidy.  God wants me to listen for his direction.  It’s a new way for me.  God’s way ALWAYS LEADS TO VICTORY.  This is rest

Some friends of mine have problems.  I cannot solve them.  I want to give them ultimatums and tangible steps for them to take to “fix” their troubles.  This is not what is going to happen.  I will be praying for them and God will lead me.  Maybe there will be a time to tell them something specific.  Maybe I will be praying for Him to send someone else to help them.  I don’t know, and I am okay with that.  This is rest.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know my relationship with God is very real to me.  I hope you have a relationship with your Creator.  If you don’t, ask Him to come into your life.  Ask Him to be your Savior.  Then find a church that preaches the Word of God and attend it regularly.  He will become real to you too and you can have rest, no matter if your Christmas decorations are put up or not.

Thanks for reading : )


Mona said...

I love you Beck!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I used to carry other people's burdens so close to my heart... I had to finally let them (the burdens) go. Pray, yes. But not take them on as my own... realizing that I can't "fix" things for them or make them see. If asked, I will give advice. If not, I just pray and leave it be. That for me was very freeing!!! I hated bringing my stress over other families into my own family life.

I am glad that God is REAL to you. So many people miss out by knowing Him at a distance... God is in the details... and I want Him in all of my details.

Love you, girl!

Kelley said...

God is so good all of the time! He is always on time!