Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Small Town Grocer

I’ve been thinking about this post off and on for awhile.  A comment on Facebook brought it to the front of my thoughts, so here it is.

There is a man in our town that owned the local grocery store.  His name is Leonard.  I don’t know the dates that he owned it.  I only know I have known him most of my life in that store.  He retired a few years ago.  The celebration that was thrown honored him in a great way.  There were door prizes, cake, etc.  What was so amazing was the town’s support of this endeavor.  I know many, many merchants donated prizes and made this day special.  It is so good to honor someone while they are around to enjoy it!!

I’m sure Leonard was buddies with a lot of the kids that came through his store.  I believe that Peyton held a special place in his heart.  Leonard lives not to far down the road from us and we see him working out in his yard, mowing, weeding, putting up Christmas lights and the like.  One day, Peyton and I were driving past his place while Leonard was mowing.  Peyton turned to me and said, “Mom, do you think I could work for Leonard someday?”  I said, “I’m sure you could get a job in his store when you are old enough (Peyton was around 7 or 8 at this time)  Peyton looks at me and says, “not in the store, in his YARD, I want to drive his tractor!”  I love that kid!!

After Peyton’s accident, I would see Leonard in the store.  He expressed his condolences.  But there was more in his eyes.  You see, Leonard’s son is also in Heaven.  Lenny has been in Heaven since the mid 80s.  He was a great guy.  I didn’t know him well, just the friendliness he showed when I would go into the store.  But I will never forget him.

Lenny and Leonard are two people who brought me comfort and they didn’t know it.  I saw Leonard carry on after the death, moving to Heaven of his son.  When the fear would grip me that people would forget Peyton, I would remember Lenny.  This person with a warm personality and friendly demeanor is in my mind and heart forever.  This fact gives me comfort and a knowing that my boy won’t be forgotten either.

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Peyton will never be forgotten. I have had that fear as well... and when I do, I remember the ones that I still remember...

The first being when I was in the 3rd grade. There was a little boy in my class named Shelby that passed away. His brother Casey was in my sister's class. Shelby was preceded in death by his twin brother and little sister-- they all shared a heart defect. I'll never forget him and the little things like how he loved the Smurfs and how we were always so excited when he was well enough to come to school.

Just as you look at Leonard and the example that he sets just by continuing on... it reminds me of the example we are setting. Even with our hurts and flaws, God can still use us if we trust Him.

Love you. Keep pressing on!

Kelley said...

Peyton won't be forgotten. When I was in high school, one of my dear friends died in a four wheeler accident. I still think of her often. Her mom works at Walmart and I see her from time to time. I thought the same thing about Blake, hoping no one would forget him. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I haven't see any of his friends lately, but usually they all will say something about him. He was a character. Thanks for sharing with us about Peyton! I won't forget.

Kay said...

So sweet...there is grief and life all around us. Something I learned after our loss and countless mommies came up to me to tell me they had lost an infant. Their thought was that my little one might be buried near theirs, but since our little one was 4, he wasn't. But I realized they were looking for a way to connect with the loss they were still feeling. Never forgotten.