Saturday, May 5, 2012

Easy Pinterest Project

I downloaded some pictures from my camera and found some pics of  a fun & easy Easter project I did.  So I thought I would share.  You could use this method for a variety of things.  It would be a super easy pinata.

I blew up some balloons, using a couple of different sizes.  I cut squares of tissue paper and used a paint brush and liquid starch to cover the balloons.  You get the starch in the laundry aisle.


I didn’t document the process.  It is easy, but too messy to touch my camera.  Here’s the finished product.  To make the polka dot ones, first cover the entire balloon with a couple layers of WHITE tissue paper.  Then using a large hole punch, punch holes in some colored tissue and place it over the white, being careful not to overlap any of the holes. 


After the tissue is completely dry, you pop the balloon and pull it out.  Then make a cut where you pulled the balloon out so you can open it enough to fill it with goodies.  You have to put 3 layers of tissue so the finished egg is strong enough to hold the candy.  That’s what I did with these, filled them with Easter candy for our special boys Smile.  If you want them to look really good, after you fill them, you can close them back up by laying more tissue paper over the opening and applying more starch.

It was fun to watch the boys tear into them!!!!

Thanks for reading : )

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Kelley said...

My girls would love that! I have to try it!