Saturday, December 11, 2010

“We used to be just like you.”

Tom and I spent the majority of our Saturday in an archery shop to purchase Tom a new bow for Christmas.  It’s quite a process, measurements taken, adjustments made, practice shots fired, etc.  Only the owner of the shop was working and he had a couple of customers before he was able to get to Tom.  There were men there with their sons.  There was also a mom there with her son.

I couldn’t help thinking how much Peyton would have enjoyed that place.  So much hunting paraphernalia (yes, this word has an “r” in it, who knew?)  We were both missing him.  I could see it in Tom’s eyes.  All those boys with their dads, some getting outfitted with new bows, others buying arrows and other necessary equipment.  One of the boys used a rubber band to shoot some paper at his friend.  I had to smile, it was exactly something Peyton would do.

I wanted so much to tell them all, “we used to be just like you!  We have a son we love very much but he can’t be here.  He lives in Heaven.  You would have loved him if you met him.  He loved hunting.  He loved being with his dad.  We miss him.” 

Of course I can’t go around randomly telling people those things.    So here I am, typing them on this blog.

Thanks for reading :)


Kay said...

I have felt that very thing. Parents scurrying around with two small kids...little boys holding their mommy's hand. I used to be just like you. And now I'm not.

Kelley said...

I have been thinking about you a lot. Everyday can be difficult, but the holidays bring even more of a reminder when we miss someone.

Cortney said...

Aww! I love you Becky! :)