Thursday, March 3, 2011


I don’t usually share about things unless they are for sure going to happen or have already happened.  I’m making an exception. 

I received an email from a producer from ESPN a couple of weeks ago (I Googled him, he’s legit).  He wanted to speak to Tom & I about Peyton’s accident.  He’s doing preliminary work on a story about rodeo safety and regulations.  When I first read his email, I didn’t know what to feel.  It didn’t evoke any emotion one way or the other.  There was no blame to place on anything, so I never gave the equipment much thought.  I did have a nice conversation with him and he said we may be called again.  I told him that would be fine.

Today, we got a call from a woman from CBS news.  She wanted to talk about Peyton’s accident too.  Tom spoke to her.  I don’t think she is interested in rodeo safety.  I don’t know if you have heard about the bull rider in Florida.  A sixteen year old girl was bucked off a bull and it kicked her in the chest.  She died during surgery.  Our prayers go out to this family.  I believe this accident will be the focus of her story with Peyton added to the mix.  I emailed her some pics of Peyton and a little of what I thought.

"Bull riding is not to be taken casually.  Know your child.  We knew Peyton very well and understood the passion he had for this dangerous sport.  Peyton felt he HAD to ride bulls, kind of like breathing to him.  We love our son and miss him more than we can convey.  Do we wish things would have turned out differently?  Yes we do.  However, we would not have withheld our support from him under any circumstance."

I pray that something positive will come from these stories.  However, if you see something about it on the news and it’s not positive, don’t worry about us.  Tom and I are confident with the decisions we made raising our son.   We are at peace and will not be shaken.  God is good, all the time.

Thanks for reading :)


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Peace is a good thing to have. I am so thankful that God is continuing to encourage and strengthen you and Tom. Let me know if the story goes live! I would love to see more pictures of Peyton! :)

Kay said...

That is interesting. Things like that really make you think 'small world', huh? I am always amazed when others know our story and we might not even know them sometimes.

Yes, keep us posted on the progress of the piece. I would like to watch if it airs.

But more than that, it blesses my heart to see you walking in victory when I know that some days it would feel 'easier' to just pull the covers higher and hide. You're amazing! : )

Kelley said...

You guys are awesome! There is nothing that I would see on TV that would ever make me change my mind. They have to slant things for a "story." I don't like that. I do hope that they show what an awesome kid Peyton was! I will be tuning in. Keep us posted!

Jake said...

That IS surreal. :)