Monday, May 2, 2011


God is a wonderful conductor and will orchestrate things perfectly, if we let Him.

There were several links in the chain of events that put a producer from ESPN in touch with me.  We emailed a few times and spoke on the phone.  Tom and I agreed to do an interview for a story on rodeo safety.  I didn’t understand why we were doing the interview and I examined my motives carefully.  Was I doing it for notoriety? for an opportunity to talk about Peyton?  something cool to blog about?  Lots of self examination going on inside my head, but I got peace about it.  I was still nervous and my stomach turned over about three times any time I thought about it.

Last Monday the reporter, Paula and I spoke on the phone.  She wanted to introduce herself and talk a little before she came to our home on Wednesday.   She told me this would be a difficult interview for her because her 5  month old baby boy, Wyatt had gone to Heaven in December. 

Now I knew why we were doing this interview.  It was an opportunity to support a grieving mom.  God will go to great lengths to supply our every need.  I don’t want to make more of myself, because I have nothing uplifting or good outside of God.  He is my Father and is with me always.  The nervousness I had about the interview left me.  This arrangement wasn’t about the ESPN interview, it was about physical contact with a mother who misses her baby boy.  God is good, all the time.

On human terms, it was a very cool thing for us and I loved being able to talk about Peyton too :)  We had five people involved, two camera men, one sound man, a producer and the reporter.  I was interviewed for about 45 minutes; then they asked Tom some questions.  He did excellent :)  Here are a few pics of the process our home went through. 

Moving the furniture.

 espn 001

Using dining room chairs for the interview. (I don’t think the deer head made it into any of the shots.)

espn 002

Sound man :)

  espn 004

Putting up clothe to block the uncooperative sunlight.

espn 005 

The crew testing the camera angles, sound equipment, etc.

espn 007

Camera man looking into the monitor.

espn 008

Me, Paula & Tom :)

espn 010

Everyone was really nice (and they moved the furniture back)

Thanks for reading :)


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I am so glad that it went well Becky! As a grieving mom, it is such a blessing to be able to talk to someone else who understands... to see by example someone further down the road of grief... it gives HOPE. I am thankful that God allowed you and Paula to meet!

Much love,

Ckparker said...

So cool!! I know you and Tom did an amazing job at ministering to this woman and her crew!! God is good!! What a great opportunity for you!! Love what God is doing through the both of you!! *Hugs*

Kay said...

I'm sure you were an amazing encouragement to her! Looks like an interesting day...including furniture placement. And light blockage. The things we don't think about when we watch these things on tv. Looking forward to seeing your piece. : )

Kelley said...

I got chill bumps! God is so good! He used you that day as a vessel for His will. He wanted to encourage that Mom. That is so special and cool!

Jake said...

Thats pretty amazing to say the least! Yall look good. I'm impressed by the non-camo polo. :)

Susie (So Blessed) said...

I was out of town sitting on the bed in the hotel when your interview came on. As I watched and listened my heart went out to you for your loss. Something kept making me think there was a connection between, when I got home last night I looked over my blog and found some comments you had left and remembered that we had e-mailed a few times, too. Small world, isn't it...and God's timing is always perfect. I'm so glad I happened to be in the hotel with the tv on at the very moment your interview aired. It was a good reminder to me to remain faithful in praying for parents who have lost children. If you remember, I had shared that my sister also lost a son, almost 4 years ago now. God bless you for sharing your story and I think it's incredible the way He orchestrated the whole thing.