Sunday, May 1, 2011

Me & Funerals

Friday, I attended a funeral for a great man, Charles B. Dyer.  He has been the superintendent of our school system since 1968.  Mr. Dyer was a pioneer and a visionary concerning the funding of our public schools.  His funeral was large and had some very important people in attendance, such as Arkansas  Governor Mike Beebe.  A letter from former President Bill Clinton was read and other people spoke.  I did not attend this funeral because it was a big, important person’s.  I attended to show the family support.  I have been a good friend of Mr. Dyer’s son since high school. 

I confess that before Peyton’s accident, I did not think attendance of funerals was very important.  Not because I am an unfeeling person, but because I believed the family wouldn’t  know if I were there or not.  I was wrong.

When I think back on all the people that attended Peyton’s visitation and funeral, I am grateful.  I am grateful that people would put aside their own schedules and show support to hurting people.

It was several months before I was able to go to a funeral after Peyton’s.  I didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself.  I am strong enough now to go and show my support and sympathy.

If you think like I used to think, think again.  Your presence is appreciated and the families are blessed by your attendance.

Thanks for reading :)

p.s. The ESPN thing I talked about in this post……it happened Wednesday.  I will post it tomorrow :)



MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I have been to several funerals since Christian's passing. It is still hard... but I'm with you. It means so much to the family and all you have to do is show up. No magical words to fix things.. just a hug, tears and prayer.

Kelley said...

I totally agree. I can remember all of the people who came to Blake's funeral. I remember every sweet word anyone said about him. I think families are comforted with the presence of others at funerals.

Ckparker said...

I am not much on funerals but to see all the people who come out jus to show their love and support is awesome!! It let's you see how much you are loved!