Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lacking Substance?

A good friend read my last blog post and then ask me some questions.  Questions I should have answered in the post, but didn’t.  It got me to thinking.  Have I glossed over too much lately?  Am I lacking substance in my posts?  I have and yes, my posts are lacking substance.

I haven’t wanted to post anything.  I don’t want to examine the changes my life is continuing to go through.   I have been superficial to make it easier to write. 

I decided when I first started this blog I would tell all, good, bad and the ugly.  It’s not really all that ugly, but it is deep and new to me.  I have mentioned “growing as a person”, “God bringing change into my life”, “letting go of limits” and “stepping out of my comfort zone”, but haven’t gone into detail.  I don’t want to be conscious of the changes, because then I will have to face how pitiful I was before.  : )


Working out – not confining myself to the treadmill, but venturing out into kettle bell workouts & kick boxing.  I’ve been wanting to do kick boxing for some time.  I’m not far into either of these, but I will be, there is no stopping or turning back.  No more excuses.

Bow Shooting – This activity was so foreign to me.  That was the reason to do it!!!!!!

Doing things myself.  It is very easy to fall into “I can’t do ___________ by myself”, when you have a great partner who will do it with you or FOR YOU

I wasn’t alone when I went to Boston, but Tom wasn’t there for me to count on if things got difficult.  Boston is great, but doing it on my own was the most beneficial part of the trip.

I shampooed the living room carpet.  This seems so random, but I had never done it before.  Tom did it for us.  I realized I could do it and I did.  Tom wasn’t even home : )   There are several small things like this that I have done lately.  It makes me feel capable and accomplished.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, I hope you find these confessions of inadequacy strange and out of character.  God has graced me in some areas and I am grateful.  God is showing me other areas to change and He is pruning me.  I am grateful for this too.  I will not stop growing!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading :)

and here’s a picture of my boy, cause I am really missing him.



Kelley said...

Love the picture of Peyton! I love all of the things that your are doing for yourself! It's awesome that you are trying new things.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

There have been times that I have not written because what was on my heart was too deep to put into words... or sometimes it's just that when morning comes, I don't feel that way anymore.

So I guess I mix it up... writing about silly stuff and serious stuff. You never know what you're going to get! :)

I'm glad you are doing all those new things, Becky. That bow shooting looks especially fun!

Peyton, Peyton... I love seeing pics of him!