Thursday, April 2, 2009

Psalm 18:2a (Updated)

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.
Psalm 18:2a

I want to hide from the world, but I will not. I am recovering from being sick and I am feeling very carnal right now. Emotionally, I am everywhere.

I don't want to make a list. (said in a whiney two year old voice)

I am blessed with

a growing, thriving, exciting church.
an awesome husband.
a purpose.
God's love.
a good job.
caring friends.
a spirit that rules my flesh (see, getting better already)
Godly wisdom.
a hunger for more of God.
a tenacity to win.

If I don't quit, I win.

After posting this and thinking about things, I had to update this post. I am a blessed child of God. I think about my life and my trials........they are nothing compared to my God. I've seen children on the news in third world countries who've lost their parents to AIDS and are watching their siblings die from starvation. My problems are nothing.

Even though my life is easy compared to others, my God still cares. My God is so GINORMOUS. He can handle all the big stuff going on in the world and still care about me when I am hurting. That amazes me. My God is more than enough.


ps said...

You ARE an overcomer and it is evident in your life. I love you to Becky!! And I am praying for you.

dar said...

Girl, you are just what I needed to read today! I wanted to get in the flesh about some storms that have blown in and I reigned it in, just like you! Not only did I renew my committment to diligence ( REnaming myself Diligent Dar ) but got in the Word this morning, prayed and even took communion. I don't remember the source but saved this quote : (It is long but worth it) "Every time you partake of the bread and wine, you declare to the principalities and powers of darkness that the Lord's death avails for you - you are saying that because Jesus has been judged and punished in your place, you cannot be judged and punished. Because jesus died in your place, you will not die. And because He conquered death and stripped the devil of his powers, you will not be defeated. The victory is already yours! The Lord's Table is prepared for you in the presence of your enemies because when you partake of the bread and wine, you will see your enemies tremble and scatter - because when you proclaim the Lord's death through the Holy Communion, your are reminding them of their humiliating defeat at Calvary's cross! WHOOOOOOOO! Go Becky! Go Becky!

Rayoma said...

Becky, I love that word - GINORMOUS! No matter what we are facing and no matter how big our problems seem, we need to remember that GOD is bigger than all of it. Sometimes we just have to fix our perspective!! Love ya and hang in there.