Monday, September 7, 2009

New Cell Phones and the World of Texting

We did it. Saturday, Tom & I had Peyton’s cell phone turned off. It wasn’t too hard. Every step we take feels hard, but we have never regretted taking them.

The first store we went to, I went straight up to the desk and told them we needed a phone line disconnected. They couldn’t help me, they weren’t a “corporate store”. So we drove to Fort Smith to get it taken care of. I could have done it over the phone, or probably over the internet, but I was thinking about getting an iPhone. Only “corporate stores” sell iPhones. After all our dealings were done, I ended up with a Samsung Propel and Tom got a new phone too. His is some kind of “military” grade, supposedly waterproof and doesn’t get hurt if you drop it. aka “the Hummer” of cell phones. I decided against the iPhone because I am too cheap, fiscally responsible and didn’t want to pay the extra internet charges. (did you like that strikeout, I’m going to do a post about some new blogging techniques tomorrow, I’m very excited and am going to give all the credit to Kay in tomorrow’s post)

We both got texting, which we’ve never had before and I also subscribed to an internet plan. Now I can update my Facebook from anywhere and who knows? I may start tweeting on Twitter. Unfortunately neither my texting nor my internet is working so I will be back at the cell phone store tomorrow, can’t wait.

I have been thinking about Peyton’s phone for a long time and building up courage to turn it off. I have also felt guilty about getting texting because we did not allow him to have it. I no longer feel guilty, but I did have to work through those feelings before I could get the job done. Our good friend Jake, recorded Peyton’s voicemail message for me and emailed it to me (from his awesome iPhone) and I have it on my computer and burned onto a CD. I may not listen to it, but I have it if I want to.

Thank you for listening to my cell phone blather. I appreciate you all very much. I was going to post pics of our phones, but decided that was going too far. :)

P.S. Tom did send a text message to everyone on his list, by accident. Mildly embarrassing for him, but a great laugh for me. I can only hope for more texting antics, aka. blog fodder. I love that man.


Kelley said...

I know you will love your phone. I am sure it was hard to turn off the phone. I can't imagine what that was like. But I do know that Peyton would be proud of you for texting. :-) When we come back to Alma, I would love to meet you at the Catfish Hole. It had been several years since I have eaten there. It was soooo good! I got a few deals at A to Z. It was very crowded. I guess going on a week day is better.

Kay said...

I know it had to be hard to deal with the cell phone stuff, but I'm glad you got it done without too much stress. I'm not that crazy about texting, but I might if I had a phone that was more built for it. Mine is not! lol

Glad you're loving the new program!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Yay for your new phone and texting! I thought for sure I would never do that texting thing, but I am loving how I can ask a question or send a quick msg without having to take the time for a "real" conversation. (Why does that sound rude to write?)

I'm glad you have a recording of his voicemail msg. Like you said, you have it regardless of whether you ever listen to it or not. That's how I feel about Christian's blankie. :) (except of course that one does not listen to a blankie, right? but I do like to smell it.)

Janna said...

I love it...
"fiscally responsible" hee hee!
I can't imagine how hard these "steps" your making must be. Bless your hearts. I was just marveling to Scott about all these CARAZY technological advancements, social networking, etc...totally blows my mind. If only they could get a direct line to Heaven so you could say Hey to Peyton :) that's what I'm talking you girl. Come play with me and Cash sometime :)

Jake said...

First, a few pics of your phones would not be "too much" haha...

If so, then I definitely go too far on all this techy stuff.

I'm very excited y'all jumped into the texting though. It is so convenient. AND, I'm glad I was able to get the updates on Alma's game last night because of you two!

P.S. did you know that you can setup your email so that whenever someone posts a comment on your blog, you can get it as a text message? That's what I do, so whenever someone comments on my blog I get it as a text message.

WHAMMO!! Right then. Right there!

Let me know if you want more tips on this. Oh, and you do know that in your blog settings you can set it to email you every time someone posts a comment, right?

sorry for long comment dude...