Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The “I’s” DO NOT Have It!

I’ve been battling myself for several days.

I’m not enough of this.

I’m too much of that.

I’m not doing enough.

I’m doing too much.

I’m never good enough.

When I sat down to post tonight, I truly didn’t know what I was going to say.  My mind was full of negative thoughts about myself.  Then I started typing.  All those sentences start with “I”.  Proof once again, it’s all about focus.  The victory comes when I forget about myself and let God work through me. 

There are times when I need to examine myself and make adjustments.  But letting my mind go wild with thoughts of inadequacy is not productive and does not bring glory to my Lord.  I do not need to focus on myself, because God is focused on me.  I can’t beat that.

Father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus.  Forgive me Lord for focusing too much on myself.  I am Your vessel and I am full of Your Glory.  I am Your hands and Your feet.  I will draw on You and Your unlimited supply of love.  I will not clog up the flow of blessing that comes from You, through me, to others.  I love you Lord and I am Yours.

This song came to me after praying, so I thought I’d post it too.


seeking him... said...

a great post!
I love your words... 'I do not need to focus on myself, because God is focused on me. I can't beat that.'
How true!
Focus... a small word but what a huge impact it has in our lives. I also see myself often being the center of my focus and it is never a peaceful, relaxing, or fun place to be! Thank you for the reminder & for getting my focus back on who God is! (love the song!)

Kelley said...

That is a beautiful post! That is one of my favorite songs. You are such a sweet and thoughtful person. God loves you and is so proud of you.

Kay said...

Sometimes the "I's" in life are hard. *I* certainly experience that. But God is doing a wonderful work in you. : )