Friday, May 28, 2010

Obedience is Freedom

Tom & I went to the graduation ceremony Saturday, May 22nd.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought.  I’d had a very strong week leading up to it.  God’s grace is sufficient.  It is more than enough.  In my previous post I wrote about fasting television and why God had me fast that particular thing.  Fasting in and of itself does nothing.  Fasting, prayer and obedience produces benefits that cannot be measured.  I know that if I had not been obedient, if I had not fasted, I wouldn’t have made it through graduation.  I would have been in a puddle of tears, maybe in the parking lot, maybe in the foyer of the auditorium.  I don’t think I would have made it to my seat. 

Fasting and prayer is changing me.  God doesn’t lead us to fast to punish us or to make our lives hard.  He leads us to fast so we can get our flesh in submission and we can hear His voice all the more clear.  He loves us and wants to lead us into victory.  Obedience is freedom. 

Tom & I are not fasting television right now, but we have drastically cut down our viewing time.  We are much more productive, spiritually & physically.  It is a permanent change. 

I will be doing a post about graduation very soon (with lots of pictures).  Tom & I were surprised and blessed by the ceremony.  Make sure you have kleenex when you read it.

Thanks for reading!



Dar said...

Dear, dear, Becky, I love your blog for so many reasons! Your transparency - what a heart! Your consistency - even if I don't comment I know I can always find you, my friend. You just learn in public with no tone of lecture. You share your life and the Lord with us never judging nor are we compelled to judge. These would be all the reasons I doubt that I'd succeed as a blogger even though there ARE days that I overflow and have no place to put it! Thanks for being you in front of the rest of us! I love you!

Jake said...

ditto what Dar said :)

love your blog, great post! and I love hearing testimonies of HIS goodness and grace

Kelley said...

I have been thinking about you. I knew graduation must be coming up. I have been praying for you! Glad to hear things were a little easier than at first thought. So glad you were able to go.

Kay said...

This is so true and the thing people don't 'get'! I was accused of lying once when I said we were doing well, but that person did not 'get' the fact that I was spending a lot of time in the word and He was walking me through the dark days. Love this post! : )