Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am a big fan of Pinterest!! 

How many times have you found something on the internet only to not be able to find it again?  I’ve put websites on my “favorites” or “bookmarked” them, but my list was getting too long.  Pinterest enables you to collect your favorite websites in one place, categorize them however you see fit and pulls a picture to remind you exactly what it was you liked so much.

I’ve got categories for different types of recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, even cool manicures.  Pinterest is unlimited, just like the internet, because that’s what it is.  It links you to your favorite things on the internet.  Not only can you find stuff other people have pinned and pin it to yours, you can find something on the internet and pin it so others can see it. 

It can be very time consuming.  I had to regulate myself and actually MAKE SOMETHING from Pinterest before I pinned anything else.  What’s the point of having all these cool ideas piled up if you never do anything with them???

Here is a picture of a Valentine project I finished yesterday.  I’m experimenting with different lighting for my pics, so yes, this project is sitting in my bathroom sink Smile

Valentine Projects 007

Here’s a close up.  I punched a bunch of tiny hearts from scrapbook paper and then glued them in the shape of a big heart.  The paper I glued it on was a precut scrapbook paper, with a red piece of paper beind it.  The frame was on clearance and Tom painted it black for me.  He is an expert spray painter : ).  I think it turned out pretty good.

Valentine Projects 009

Thanks for reading! : )


Kelley said...

I love your Valentine project! Very cool! I am fan of pinterest too!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

how cute! i can't bring myself to look at valentine pins yet-- it's too soon!

Kay said...

Very cute...I can't believe you punched...and glued..all those hearts though. Nicely done. : )

gina said...

I <3 Pinterest. I have actually started completing more projects lately because of it.

Came on over from ARWB. :)