Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Evening at the Theata'

Trying to sound sophisticated in the title.

Tom & I just got home from the Alma PAC where we enjoyed a production of "To Kill A Mockingbird". Very good stuff. It was kind of odd to hear the "N' word spoken quite a few times, but it is relavent to the story. If you haven't read the book (I have not) or seen the movie (I have several times) you should. The movie stars Gregory Peck and is very good.

By the way, we were blessed with the tickets, a free date night.


Trish said...

Sounds like fun! I love to go to the theater, although we really don't go very often. I have read the book. It is a good story.

ps said...

We're going on a date tonight!!! Yippppeeee!!! I'm a little excited and hungry too. It's been a thing with me today. Hunger that is!