Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Blog I Read

I don't remember if I have ever mentioned a blog I sometimes read. Her post from yesterday is exceptionally good, not only the content but the way it is written. It is called Bring the Rain. Her prayer at the end is especially touching and very real. I can relate.

Lord, keep me soaked in humility and hungry for what brings You glory. Mold me in spirit and deed to be more like You until the day you call me home . I miss her, Father, and you know what my human, broken heart feels right now, even as I type these words...I would give it all back to see her again...

Father, in your mercy and for Your sake, would You allow me to be a part of the mending? I love you and need You desperately. She is safe with you, Jesus. I rest in that. May Your name be lifted high in everything You call me to do, and may I never walk where You have not led me. Thank you, Lover of my soul, you have blessed me with favor I do not deserve.

Thank you.

Why can't I be happy with the way God made me? I WANT TO BE NICE!! and write nice God inspired posts. I feel like I am so "in your face" sometimes, not just here but in person too. I know every trait I have is not God-given, but flesh and I can overcome it.

Great.......this blogging thing is a Catch22, I want to write how I feel, but don't want you to think I expect you to say I am alright

I am a work in progress. God won't give up on me and neither will I.


Jessica said...

Oh man...I understand! Sometimes I see really nice, sweet people and I wish I was like that! I am overly opinionated and tend to "blast people" with my thoughts! I just wonder why some people are nicely quiet and I am not! Oh well, like you said..I am a work in progress! :)

Jake said...

I have learned that if you are not 100% genuine and being yourself in your blogging, people don't enjoy it as much.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I follow your blog because you are real on it.

That being said, have any recent funny stories about Tom??

Trish said...

Hey there. I read the blog. You are right it is well written and God centered. I enjoyed reading it. I have to say that I very much enjoy reading your blog too. Like Jake said You are real! and that is what makes it great. Also, I understand what you are saying about an in your face type thing, but have to say I don't see that in you. You are awesome! and having worked with are one of the people that it was such a joy to be around and work with. You have a sparkle/shine about you that just uplifts people. I know you didn't blog to have me turn around and tell you these things, but I am speaking my heart. You are awesome! Keep it real! Love ya!

Jake said...

Trish is right.

ps said...

Trish and jake are both right. You are you and we love YOU!