Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Movie

This has been my favorite Christmas movie for a very long time.


The message is relevant and makes you think.  “What would the world be like if I was never born?”  I  hope I have a positive impact like George Bailey or even better…… Jesus.

I have this sign hanging over a doorway in our home……just a little reminder.



Kay said...

I love this movie too... although I haven't seen it in a few years. Love the wall plaque. : )

Darlene said...

Like George Baily, we all have our "battle of bedford falls' to fight. After all, God sent Jesus to defeat the devil and gave us the assignment to enforce the victory he won at Calvary! And since we are all part of the Body of Christ it turns out that we DO serve a vital part of the big picture! You and so many others are important to my life and that shows me that my life contributes to many more! Oh what a Planner God is and oh, what a Plan! I love you, Becky!

Jake said...

I love Darlene's viewpoints. Never thought of it like that, but so true that we all have our battle of bedford falls. Ha! I just saw this movie this year for the first time. Loved it.

seeking him... said...

This is our traditional Christmas eve movie! We are so looking forward to watching it again.
We were talking about it today... how George Bailey desired other things to happen in his life, he had other plans but how God brought his life to where it was (through difficulties & good things) and this life was in reality the beautiful one.
You have made a postive impact on me through your sharing your heart. Thank you!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

That movie is probably going to going at our house tonight. Have a wonderful Christmas. Jackie

Anonymous said...

I'm "Honey" Kelley's mom! I know how holiday's feel without one of your children. I decided to keep myself so busy that I couldn't think..That wasn't the answer. I'm worn out from work, taking a class at Tech, shopping for MK, trying to take my husband wherever he wanted to go. I have enjoyed Kelley's blog, I don't know how to blog, but I enjoy meeting Kelley's friends and making comments. I was thinking of you and wanted to let you know. We are changing our Christmas traditions, and it is a little easier... not much but somewhat We have so many blessings as you do... It is a wonderful life and Thank God for his son!

Darlene said...

Dear Honey, what a good point - changing traditions. My oldest son moved to heaven 9 years ago and I agree that change only somewhat makes it easier but living the same life in the same places with the same groups of people without our loved ones sure keeps the focus on the lack of them and life without them rather than the hope and heart and love OF them. Thanks for that great point!