Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cowboy Stuff

I am blessed with great friends. 

Kayli took pictures of Peyton’s cowboy gear for me.  I use when I have prints made.  While picking out which pictures to print, I saw that they made note cards.  I had some of those printed to use for thank you notes when people donate to the Peyton Jackson Memorial Scholarship fund.

The orange item in the pictures is Peyton’s chaps.  He loved those chaps so much.  My friend Annette is a very generous person and had just started sponsoring Peyton in the rodeo.  She paid for those chaps; I know she is glad she did.  I am forever grateful.  He was an incredibly blessed and happy young man all his days on this earth.  Especially happy the last sixth months, because of the people I just mentioned.

Here is another slide show.  These are only a few of the pictures she took.  She worked very hard and I appreciate it more than she can ever know.


Please don’t be offended by the flag.  The boys around here think of it as their history, not hate.  I know it can offend and I tried to explain that to Peyton and I did not allow him to have one.  The flag in the picture was given to us by his friends who had signed it.

This is the picture I used for the note cards.  I think it represents Peyton, without being too much.


Thanks for reading.


Kelley said...

What great pictures!

Kay said...

I love all the pics... especially the one of the card. They really say a lot, don't they?

I took lots of pics of things I'd be putting away so I could look at them without taking things out. I'm glad you took lots of them. : )

Jake said...

those are some pretty awesome pictures. sounds like you really do have some great friends.

ps said...

You come up with the coolest things to put on your blog Becky!! Well done both pictures and in ideas.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Thanks for stopping by my Christmas home tour and for your comment. I have been reading your blog for sometime, but have not commented before. I pray for your family often. I know that your hat has a very special meaning for you.
Great pictures!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh Becky! Notecards! What a brilliant idea!

I love it. All of it. The pictures are beautiful and I am so glad that God has given you (and Peyton) such loving friends.