Friday, August 20, 2010

More about Peyton

Today, I helped a couple of girls move into their college dorms.  They are so excited!!!!  I was glad to be part of it.  I feel for so many parents that are packing their children off to college. Their “babies” are leaving the nest.  I know if Peyton were still here, I would be in the same boat they are, wanting to be able to let go, but wanting to hold on.  I told Peyton he could live with us forever.  I am missing him so much. 

In September of Peyton’s sophomore year, he scored a 21 on the ACT.  He was impressed.  He said, “Mom, I know Seniors that haven’t scored a 19.”  He didn’t realize the gift he had been given until then.  He was very smart and took it for granted.  He thought everyone had it as easy with schoolwork as he did.  Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t “apply” himself.  He made As & Bs (mostly Bs).  I told  him Cs were unacceptable.  He thought I was too strict.  I think the ACT opened his eyes a little bit. 

The last six months of Peyton’s earthly life were very focused.  He was determined to ride in the PBR.  I’d never seen him so passionate about anything.  He was maturing and becoming responsible in ways every parent wants.   He only got to drive for a couple of months before he went to Heaven.  He loved that freedom.   He had gotten a job the week before his accident.  It was only a couple of hours a day after school, but he was thrilled.  I told him I didn’t think it would be fair of us to quit his allowance because he was working, so he got both.  (Gas was almost $4 a gallon at this time)  He only received one paycheck and he immediately put it in his gas tank.  I have his wallet, it has $1 in it along with his drivers license and hunter’s education card. 

I don’t know the purpose of this post, other than letting me tell some more about the son I love so much.  I’m a proud parent but I know Peyton wasn’t perfect.  Very soon, I will post a couple of stories about Peyton getting in trouble.  It’s only fair you have a well rounded picture, right?

Peyton is in Heaven.  He doesn’t miss me or anything about this earth.  Heaven is Heaven, even for a 16 yr old cowboy.


Anonymous said...

Becky,I love reading all of your blogs! You have inspired me so much with my outlook on life and being a parent! Keep them coming and I can't wait to hear more about Peyton!

Love ya,

Kelley said...

I love hearing about Peyton. I love hearing about his hobbies. I think it is great he got a part time job. I want to hear about the trouble he got into. My brother Blake could get into some messes himself.

John McGeough said...

No child is perfect.. thats part of the beauty of it. Peyton was experimenting with his world learning where the limits were...I myself am so far from perfection that I can hardly comprehend it. But God does not expect us to be perfect, he only expects us to do the improving... sometimes a little at the time...Yes, Peyton is in Heaven. Where I truely believe he is living his adventures in the hands of God.

westoftexas said...

I just came across your blog and I'm so glad I did. Two years after your son's death is not so long and it will help to share his life for others to know how special he is. Young cowboys are hard to tame and someday the knowledge that he died doing something he loved will be comforting. My brother Cody died at 19 almost 17 years ago, as a result of a horse accident working cattle. he was also a bronc rider. I still miss him everyday. I will pray for you on this difficult path you're now on. Know that in heaven they will always 'ride the wild horses' (chris ledoux) God Bless,