Thursday, August 14, 2008


I feel like a normal person today. I have been reading some things Peyton's friends had written to him on Facebook. All of them say what a positive impact he had on their lives. I am amazed. I know Peyton wasn't perfect and he got into some orneriness sometimes, but still he was a person who stood up for what he believed and respected people. He was crazy fun!!

I remember at a Bible study group one time everyone was asked what person influenced our lives the most and how they influenced it. Everyone gave their answers and a comment was made that these people who have impacted us so much, don't even realize it. It makes me so conscious of my influence on others, is it positive or negative? Hopefully the positive outweighs the negative.

Peyton's friend has been moved out of ICU into a regular hospital room, going to see him tomorrow.

Thank you Lord for your active grace and mercy. I don't know why I keep using the expression "active grace", it just seems appropriate. God's grace is alive and active in my life.

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