Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Survey

King of the Blogs (aka Jake) challenged me to post this list with my faves. Here it is Jake and thanks. I can't believe it took me until tonight (Sunday) to read yours!!

1. Do you have a real or artificial tree? 3 artificials, but I love the real ones
2. Do you like eggnog? A little goes a long way
3. Favorite Holiday memory? Suprising Peyton with a gun
4. Favorite Christmas movie of all time? It's a Wonderful Life!!!!
5. What do you have for dinner at Christmas? Ham, turkey, dressing, all the traditional stuff
6. Favorite Christmas song? O Come All Ye Faithful (I love the O Come Let Us Adore Him part)
7. Favorite Christmas treat? Toffee (homemade, of course)
8. Do you put up lights on the outside of your house? Tom puts them up and does a fantastic job!

Copy and paste this to your blog; with your own answers of course.

1 comment:

Jake said...

I loved your answer to the eggnog question. SO TRUE, haha!

That would be my response to the toffee.

When I was a little kid, it was the only candy I could find one day, so I ate almost a whole tin and got sick on the stuff. That's why I'd say a little goes a long way.