Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lost Dog, Found Dog

Goldie, our lab went missing Saturday night. Being a country dog, we figured she'd be back by morning. She wasn't. Sunday Tom and Dusty (our rat terrier) went driving around looking for her. No luck. Monday, Tom & Dusty put out some signs with our phone #s etc. While they were out Tom got out of the truck to talk to some guy, guess what Dusty did....he pushed the power lock and locked Tom out of the truck!!!! How funny is that! The guy drove Tom home to get his extra keys so he could get into the truck. Good news; I was driving home today and saw Goldie sniffing around in a ditch. I slowed down and said "Goldie, let's go home." She looked very happy to see me and followed me home. (Don't worry all you dog lovers...it wasn't that far, maybe a qtr mile.) First thing she did was jump into the pond. She is fine. Tom was really really really really really (to infinity) glad to see her.

Oh yeah, on Sunday when Tom took Dusty with him to look for Goldie, Dusty fell out of the truck window. I told Tom that's why Dusty locked him out of the truck...revenge.

This is not a typical post for me, but I thought PS would really enjoy it, since it does have a happy ending. : )


Trish said...

I am so glad you found y'alls dog. That is funny about Dusty locking the door. I am sure it wasn't funny for Tom at the time though. ;)

Jake said...

This post cracked. Me. Up!!

I can hardly wait to give Tom a hard time about Dusty's revenge, haha!

Rayoma said...

I am so glad that Goldie made it back home. I know how Tom feels about his dogs. I still wish I could have seen him staring in the window of the truck and telling Dusty to "hit the button" and unlock the door. Too Funny. Love ya bunches.

ps said...

This is a GREAT post! It shows the intelligence of our canine friends!! I think you're right. It was revenge. And I think Rayoma is right too. Dusty knew how to unlock the door but chose not to!!

I am so glad that Goldie is back. From one dog lover to another that is very good news. I wonder where Goldie was all that time?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!! How funny.........dogs do have a sense of humor!!! :)

McCaslin said...

Too funny! Those animals can be just as bad as kids sometimes!!