Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life Today

Decorations are down and packed away. Today doesn't feel any better than the last few. The weather probably has something to do with it. When I was packing everything up, I ran across more of Peyton's stuff. It is hard to focus on the present and the future, when all the symbols of the past are staring you in the face. There are times when I want to be able to go somewhere and feel him. But there is no place like that. Those are the times when the memories hurt so much. I feel like my insides will explode from the wanting.

My life is blessed, and these holiday things will get easier. I will remember Peyton with joy. He brought so much joy to us. We have no regrets about the way we raised him. We have complete peace about where he is and we will see him again. We are able to see him again because of what God did for us. He sent us a Saviour. His only Son. Thank you Lord


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What do people do who have no hope? I'm so glad you do!