Monday, February 2, 2009

The Deed is Done....almost

Yesterday Tom & I put away most of Peyton's things. The bed has been cleared, the headboard is cleaned and dusted. Most of the personal stuff is in the closet. We did leave the baseball trophies on top of the TV armoire. I know we will get those put away too. It was harder than I thought. The emotions overwhelmed both of us, but we did it. His room is ready for guests......Colorado company. They are arriving Thursday evening.

One day I will go through everything, keeping some stuff, throwing some away. I threw away his toothbrush yesterday....very hard. I used to go into his bathroom periodically and throw something away, gel, facial cleanser, misc bathroom stuff. I thought if I did it without thinking, someday it would be done. I kept leaving the hard stuff like the toothbrush, comb etc. We will deal with all of it in time. It takes so much energy and I don't have it to spend right now.


Belinda said...

Are the Colorado company going to be here for church? I told you, your an amazing and awesome woman. It does take time. Just remember WE (your brothers & sisters in christ) are always here for you. Love you both.

Shelly said...

I am happy that your Colorado friends can come to see you guys.