Friday, January 30, 2009

I Am

a winner
More than a Conqueror
saved, healed, delivered
God's kid
a great mom
a great wife?
hungry for more of God

I am all these things and more!!

These past few days have been very different. I will try to explain. Sometimes my memories or thoughts of Peyton bring happiness! Then I wonder is this real or am I crazy? I still miss him and I am sad sometimes because he is not here. But lately the thoughts of him being in Heaven are more real than ever. How can I be sad? I'd say the thoughts are 50/50, half sad, half happy, much better percentages than a few months ago. Thank God!

The devil was really working on my mind today, trying to bring up all of the things Peyton missed on earth. What is he thinking....satan's been to heaven...he knows what it is like....Peyton isn't missing any good thing and I know it.

Changing the subject. My husband has been blog fodder a few times. I told him I would NOT tell his truck story...but make sure you ask him about it. LOL


Staci said...

Everything is blog fodder to me. It's just a matter of actually getting to the computer to convert the idea into said form!

ps said...

Okay I am uncovering my ignorance but what in the world is blog fodder?? I even looked up the word 'fodder' and I still don't get it! :) But I digress. Let's hear the truck story Tom!

dar said...

VERY smooth, Beck! You rock, girl!

Kevin said...

Is this story something I can use for my joke in the morning? P.S. - I'll explain to Susan what fodder is.