Saturday, July 11, 2009


Tom and I went to see this movie yesterday.

We watched it in 3-D. Pretty cool actually. The movie was good enough, but the picture was awesome. The last 3-D movie I saw was Jaws 3-D, released in 1983....... nuff said. The glasses aren't those flimsy cardboard ones anymore, they are more like sunglasses, pretty heavy duty. The only thing was, I had to pay an extra dollar for the 3-D and I had to give the glasses back. What's up with that? Every movie they showed previews for was a 3-D movie also very cool stuff coming out. I am anxiously awaiting..............Toy Story 3, but I need to calm myself. It isn't being released until June 2010. Toy Story has been one of our favorite Disney flicks for a long time, there is a cowboy in it you know.
There were a couple of things in "Up" that made us think of Peyton. He had this thing when he saw a squirrel, he would yell "SQUIRREL" pretty much as loud as he could. Why......... because he was a teenage boy that loved to shock & surprise people. In the movie, anytime the dogs would sense a squirrel, everything stopped and they said "squirrel". Remember this is a Disney movie and dogs talk. It was good to have a reminder bring a smile. I have been having so much sadness here lately. Even so, I am winning.
I am not a movie critic, but I would recommend "Up". It has several serious parts in it and I really wasn't expecting that. There were some small children sitting in front of us and they had a little difficulty keeping focused on the show. I don't know if it was the movie or the kids.
Two posts in two days...............this may be a trend.


Kay said...

My husband and daughter saw UP and loved it! But his only comment to me was "you're gonna bawl when you see it". He said there were sad parts and that it was a little bit more adult. But still very funny. Yes 3D glasses have come a long way, haven't they? :-D

Kelley said...

I took my daughter to see the movie Up. She watched it and didn't move a muscle. I know she didn't understand all of the parts of the movie because like you said, it was serious at times. I cried through the whole thing.