Friday, July 10, 2009

My Backyard

We live on 4 acres. My husband mows every bit of it. He like his yard looking nice. Every summer he looks forward to the yard changing "to a crispy golden brown". I don't know how he reconciles the yard looking "nice" and his idea of the perfect color of grass.

At the back side of our yard, we have a small wet weather creek. It is also spring fed, but it is a very small spring and right now the water is at a trickle. Hope you enjoy.

This is the memorial benches the kids brought us after Peyton's accident. There is a fire pit in the middle. Usually we add hay bales and/or pick-up trucks around it when we have a bonfire. I love those kids.

There is a pool of water at the end with a 4 foot waterfall

This is what it looks like underneath the waterfall. Sometimes the water will really pour over the edge. The boys always had fun playing in it. This is Michael & Jason with Peyton, the cousins we took to San Antonio. They really did grow up together.

Winter time!

My boy


These last few were taken just the other day. Not a lot of water, but still pretty. Many crawdads have been plucked out of this branch. When Peyton had company, which was often, this is where they headed. A time or two they even built a fire and cooked and ate them. Redneck lobster.

The latest addition is Tom's shooting range. Not much to look at, but it serves its purpose.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I have a couple of subjects rolling around inside me and plan to post about them soon. I have been having some challenging days. I miss that boy so much. I dreamed about him last night. Nothing special, but it felt good and "normal". When I woke up I thought, I could sleep all the time if it were always like that. Of course I won't and I can't. I am putting satan under my feet today. I am off work and plan on enjoying a three day weekend.


dar said...

Your property has beautiful scenery along with all the wonderful memories!

Jessica said...

I love your creek!! And your shooting range! Trent wants to make one so he can shoot!!

Landon Parker said...

nice pics. that creek is sweet, very picturesque! the shooting range was also picturesque!

ps said...

I love your house and your property and the way your grass is always perfect!! :) We have a little wet weather creek behind us too but the area hasn't been cleared out and made to look like a beautiful park like yours. Maybe someday!!! The shooting range is something I guess I never noticed before. Perhaps I should come and learn to shoot only I think Tom will give me some super powered gun that will knock me backwards on my booty. And then he'll laugh...