Thursday, July 23, 2009

Memories.............. Pressed Between the Pages

of my mind...................can you hear Elvis singing? A blog friend of mine posted about going to an antique store and seeing things that reminded her of her childhood. So I thought I would steal her idea and ask you to share some favorite childhood memories.

I grew up in Illinois, in a small suburb of Peoria. I walked to school, up hill both ways in blinding snow. Okay not really, but I did walk to school and we did have alot of snow. Every summer my family would come to Arkanas to visit my grandparents. All four of them lived in the same town!! Loved it. My cousins would come in from California and we had a blast. I am not going to be descriptive I'm going to list the memories.

Drinking well water from the dipper in the bucket. (only when we visited great-grandma)
Snapping green beans
the stinky smell of canning cabbage or making pickles
the sound the pressure cooker would make while it was cooking
My aunt making us all (cousins) wash our feet before she would let us in her bed. (we'd swam all day for Pete's sake)
picking blackberries, and grapes (never were ripe when we were in Arkansas)
going to the "greasy spoon" as my grandpa liked to call the diner
Chinese checkers with my grandpa, if I won he would say I "horn swaggled" him. LOL
walking to the store for Mtn Dew, I only drank that when I was in Arkansas
going to the V.F.W. to play BINGO!
Icees at Starbirds, a grocery store on the main street of town.
looking through all the grocery store ads and then stopping at 3 different ones to get the sale prices, (no ad matching in those days)
grandma wore underwear on her head when she went to bed, to protect her hairdo. that is funny

Share some of your childhood memories. I'm looking forward to reading them!


Dar said...

When I was very little I spent summers in Ky. with my Great Aunt and Uncle. Baths in a huge metal tub. White porcelin bucket in the hall during the night so we wouldn't have to go to the outhouse. My own baby calf. Chased by a bull. Milking "Grandma" the Gurnsey cow. Huge dinner bell in the barnyard fell and barely miss me! Riding in my uncle's lap so I could drive their '51 Desoto into the ditch! Had BBQ sandwiches and grape NEE HI. Summers in Mich: Metal skates with a key on a string on my neck. Loved to jump rope and hopscotch. Had to be in when the street lights came on! Vacations every summer with my parents to places like a lodge on Lake Huron, Plymouth Rock, Niagra Falls, Washington D.C., Mnt. Vernon and cottages with my parent's friends and their kids. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Becky!

Kay said...

Wow.. your post and Dar's comments brought a lot back about visiting my grandparents! Let's see... lots of snapping and hulling and picking and canning. And then enjoying the fruits of our summer labors during winter trips! Bathing in the huge metal tub in the kitchen. Eating raw turnips washed under the garden hose and cut open with a pocket knife. Shoo'ing chickens so I could see if there were any eggs to bring in the house. Not knowing what a pole cat was! (it's a skunk LOL) Only having two channels, but not watching either of them. My mother and grandmother making nightgowns for me one year. They were all made by the same pattern but the unique fabrics were pieced differently so they didn't look the same. Going to get the mail. Just sitting and talking. : )

Kelley said...

I love your post! My grandmother and great grandmother lived together after their spouses died. I would go spend the night with them in Little Rock every Friday night. We watched the Dukes of Hazard together. I had the best time with them. I loved babies. They would take me to the hospitals to see the newborns. When I was little my mom took me to Disney Land. It was really fun meeting my California cousins. I just remember growing up on a farm and my parents letting me roam the pasture. I loved it. I also remember homemade ice cream.