Saturday, August 15, 2009

AFV - Peyton Story #4

WARNING: If you are grossed out by talk of sinus cavities, noses and mouths........READ NO FURTHER.
America's Funnies Videos was on last night, evidently a marathon. We had company (the Peanuts). The TV was on AFV as we were visiting. We laughed alot. The $100,000 winner was a baby with a spaghetti noodle in his nose. It kept sliding in and out as he breathed and his parents were laughing so hard they couldn't catch it. Sounds gross, but it was funny. This morning I was thinking about last night's AFV and remembered Peyton had done that too.
Only his was on purpose and he was about 14 years old. He stuck a long dandelion stem up his nose and let it come out his mouth. I believe his audience was his cousins. He had to tell me about it and then he had to show me.................. with dental floss. Dental floss is not as rigid as a dandelion stem, so there was involved trying to get that floss up his nose and .............well you know.
Why did he do this? He was Peyton, a boy who loved fun, making people laugh and shocking them. Unfortunately I do not have this on tape . Who knows, maybe a 14 yr old boy with dental floss hanging from his nose and mouth would have been worth $100,000? I miss him.

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Kelley said...

With your stories of Peyton, I feel like we must be related! He sounds so much like my brother Blake. Blake did a lot for shock value too!