Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Office

I work for the best company. The people are great and we have the best technology. We are cutting edge and I love it. So I thought I would share pics of where I spend 40 hrs a week (sometimes 60 hrs during tax season)

I have TWO monitors on my desk. I've had two for about 2 years. I really don't know how I worked with just one.

My mouse pad with Peyton's picture. Love it.

This is not very cutting edge, but it did revolutionize my work........a Dymo label maker!!!

When I look to my left I see this, my bulletin board.

This is above my door.

Scripture I have taped to the wall next to my bulletin board.

On the wall behind me I have this dinosaur shelving. It's old but I like it because I can shut it and hide lots of office supplies. It makes it look neater. I like neat. And I can put pictures on it and they are out of the way too.

This is a poem a co-workers wife printed and framed for me.

Another bulletin board and where I hang my purse.

Fabric covered boxes, decorative AND functional.

This is really the reason I did this post. I wanted to show off what my husband did for me. Ta Da!!!

Before Tom got his hands on it, this was a big wooden box with shelves and two drawers. It was yellow. He came to my office and painted it black, went home and made the doors and put the fabric (I love me some toile) in the panels. He is awesome, amazing and he loves me. He's pretty handy too. This cabinet makes my office feel like an office and not a supply closet. I use lots of pre-printed envelopes and such. Now I am able to hide them.
Hope you liked the tour!


Kelley said...

Your office is great! I love the piece that your husband painted for you. I love toile too. It is gorgeous. Two monitors. Wow! What you have to put your purse on is really neat. I really like your office. I saw Melanie yesterday. I told her what a sweetheart I thought you are.

Mona said...

Way cool. I enjoyed that Becky! You do have a good man. And he has a good woman! =)

Kay said...

Love that. So pretty! And cozy too... more homey. Did I mention that I like it?! :-D

dar said...

Great space! Whenever I check out your blog I can pic you in your spot! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Cool post....enjoyed seeing your office!

Cindy B said...

Can I get in line for one of those cabinets?? I work in the supply closet. You are blessed, my friend.