Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cool Weather Cooking

Fall weather brings out the cook in me. Bread making is something I really enjoy. The process of kneading and letting it rise, kneading some more and letting it rise again brings you to the baking in the oven with your house smelling oh so good.

I took some pictures so I could share with you, not the cinnamon rolls, the pictures.

This wooden bread bowl was my grandma’s. I don’t think she made yeast bread in it, but she did make “cat head” biscuits.


This is after the first rising. Fixin to roll ‘em out!


Rolled out and spread with butter then cinnamon and sugar sprinkled all over.


This is my new kitchen gadget, a cutter/scraper very handy for cutting cinnamon rolls.


Ready for the second rising. Can you see the swirls of cinnamony goodness?


Baked and iced, ready to eat. They did turn out really good. I hadn’t made cinnamon rolls in awhile. My husband appreciated them and we ate the whole pan just enough.



seeking him... said...

Oh my goodness! My stomach just growled looking at your pictures! They look delicious!

Kelley said...

OH MY WORD! Those look so good. I wish I lived closer. I could appreciate those along with you.

Anonymous said...

Okay now I need you to come to my house and make those for me!! I would love to make those but I am not patient enough to knead the dough or feed it! lol!

Jessica said...

I love to bake and cook! Especially in the fall! I have been in a baking mood lately - Saturday night I wanted to bake something so bad but the only think I had all the stuff for was sugar cookies! So, I made them! They were pretty good too! :)

Rayoma said...

OK Becky,my mouth is watering. If there are any left over, we need to eat them while we wathch the Biggest Loser on Tuesday night! LOL

Kevin said...

I wish the internet had a scratch and sniff button!

ps said...

People, people!!! The first person she should give some to is ME!!! Anyone knows that... right Becky?! :)

Kay said...

YUM.. those look sooo good! : )

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

LOL Those do look delicious!!! We love us some cinnamon rolls over here.. and yet I have never made them from scratch. But soon I will! I don't think I can resist any longer!