Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Full and Blessed Weekend

Friday – Homecoming


parade amanda 2

This girl is beautiful inside and out. We have taken several vacations with her and her family. She and Peyton were good friends. She is a very serious and focused young woman. Her mom stopped by the house one day; Amanda had had a bad day and stayed in the car. Peyton went out to the car, opened her door and kissed her right on the lips and said, “Love ya Babe” and walked away. Made her laugh.

ll homecome 2 001

The picture above is when they were in 1st grade. She was a cheerleader for the little league football team Peyton played on. (This is the south; we start football EARLY) Each cheerleader was required to sell raffle tickets to walk in the Little League Homecoming. If you can’t imagine a Little League homecoming, picture a southern beauty pageant with approximately 150 contestants, each with an escort. It is quite a production and raises a lot of $$$$$$$$$ for our little league program. Whoever sold the most tickets on each team was the Team Queen. Amanda won the title. In Peyton’s 1st grade mind, “if Amanda is the Queen, then I must be the King. I’ll never forget that.

After the Homecoming game, we had friends over and had some good deer chili, etc.

Saturday Afternoon- Taylor

2007 Peyton & Taylor 001

Taylor came to visit us! We’ve known her since before she was born. Her mom is my BFF; she was holding Peyton in this post. We had a chance to talk about missing Peyton and how she’s been doing. She lives a couple of hours away and her friends didn’t know him. I know one thing that has helped the kids around here was having each other to talk to.

Saturday Night – 1st Runner-Up

We went to the Miss AHS pageant. The girl I mentioned in this post, got 1st Runner-up. Very proud


Sunday Afternoon – Project Graduation meeting.

Won’t bore you will details, but it was very productive!

As you can see, we had a busy weekend. Every event was good and had some difficult moments. I sometimes wonder if it is going to get harder when the kids graduate and are living more on their own and we don’t have them around nearly as much. I cannot dwell on or worry about things I cannot control. I can only believe that Tom & I will grow better and better. Our lives are changing all the time. The season we are in now will be replaced with another and we will be blessed in that season too. God has great things in store for us and we don’t plan on missing even one of them.

Father God, I am grateful for each and every moment. I am blessed and I know it. I am strengthened in my inner man with the knowledge of your unwavering, unfailing love for me. I plan to spread it to everyone I come in contact with. I am ready for anything and everything because You live inside me. In Jesus’ name, amen.


seeking him... said...

Love your focus Becky!
And I say Amen to your prayer also!

Kelley said...

You did have a great weekend! That was so sweet of the girls to stop by.

Landon Parker said...

Nice post Becky. You are becoming quite the skilled blogger and are undoubtedly encouraging to all of your readers.

Kay said...

You did have a busy weekend. But sounds like a good one. So glad you have friends that you can discuss you loss with. That is sooo helpful.

Loved the part about Peyton planting one right on her lips! Too funny!

: )

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Definitely a full week!

What a blessing to have such lifelong friends... especially the ones where the friendship and fellowship continue past this side of Heaven. :)

Oh and OF COURSE HE'S THE KING! Peyton was one smart kidlet!

Praying for you whenever the Lord brings you to mind, my friend.