Friday, November 14, 2008

Daily Randomness

Going out with some girls tonight. Out to eat, maybe a movie. Tom is camping. It was hard for him to decide to go, but he did. I know he will have a good time. It is hard sometimes to think about making memories without Peyton, especially when it is something he loved so much. Having a good day and plan on having one tomorrow. Staying focused on the present is so important. Started making Thanksgiving plans, I will be fine (repeating this over and over in my head).

If you are reading this blog, please post comments. I would appreciate your input.



Jake said...

Last night at Bible School we read about Simon (I think?) who saw the glory of God just as he was being persecuted and HE GAVE his soul to God at that moment. In other words, when you see the glory of God, there is no desire to sustain an earthly life. So I like to imagine that people who have gone home are living in the FULL glory. How wonderful it must be!

If you go to a movie, I hope it's a funny one. One that makes you laugh uncontrollably!!

You and Tom are such wonderful people, so happy and friendly, we really love you guys.

Peyton's Mom said...

Thanks Jake, you and Sheena are wonderful too and the little guy is precious. I am "expecting the Glory" every day and am living in anticipation for the "Full Glory" Thank you Lord!

Lynelle said...

One day at a time is part of your healing. I think that sharing of your story will touch many lives. Wow, I don't know Jake, but he's got it down. I imagine one day living in the Full glory. I've recently began searching the word for strength and found a scripture that I've burned in my heart and soul. Jeremiah 41:10

ps said...

AS I have stated to you numerous times I think you and Tom are truly amazing people. I know you are being strengthened by God but you are also making choices multiple times every day to keep living and loving. That is just so cool. I'm proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Becky. I didn't know you had a blog until today. I am so glad I found it.
Nate and I love you guys so much! So many times the Lord has brought you guys to my heart and I lift you up in prayer. God is FAITHFUL!!! You are amazing, strong people.
ANYTIME Tom needs a buddy to do something with or just to hang out Nate would LOVE too! (I know that he could never take the place of Peyton (and he wouldn't try), but he would love to be like a big step-son!!!!! :) For real. We love you so much!! You are OVERCOMERS!!!