Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not Forsaken

The past few days have not been good. I have felt so sad, but I am better now. Yes, I tell myself, Peyton is still gone but I KNOW I will see him again FOREVER! He is in a place where I cannot go right now. As a mom that is a hard thing to take, I want to know what my son is doing, who he is doing it with, etc. God made moms that way. I love Peyton and I miss him and I am thankful. I have not been forsaken, God is caring for me every day. Each time I run to Him, whether it be in tears or praise, He is there. Thank you Lord!

I am thankful for:

My husband
My church family
Aaron is coming home for Christmas
Comments on my blog
Blogs that lift me up
Funny stuff (I need to laugh)

Of course I cannot list everything, but making a list gets me thinking on the positive, on the great and wonderful things in my life. I started a list the other day on things to look forward to, I have to say it was not an impressive list. I am going to work on that. My future is bright and as I move the dark out of the way, through prayer and praise to my Lord, I will see it. Amen.

Having a houseful of family over for Thanksgiving and then going to the movie and then back home to eat leftovers. The only bad thing is your too full to eat popcorn at the show, even though it smells so good! Is referring to the movie as "the show" a southern thing. I remember as a kid I lived in Illinois and we always called it the movie, but when I would come to visit Arkansas everyone called it "the show", funny.

Have a Happy, Joyous, Blessing Filled Thanksgiving!!!


So Blessed said...

Won't it be great when we get to heaven...what a day of rejoicing that will be! I am glad that when you are having sad days you can try to focus your thoughts "upward" and know that when we get there, it will be for more separation, death, sadness, or pain. My prayer is that you feel the Lord's presence in a mighty way and that you are strengthened and comforted.

Jake said...

I love the title of this post. :). So good.

And Im with you. It's "The Movies"

ps said...

Yep, definitely the movies. I have never called it the show but I'm not from the south either! WAit a minute, actually I am from the south just not originally. WAIT! I was born in Kansas City isn't that the south? I mean it's more south than MN and not really midwest, right? Anyway, yes it's the movies. And I also say THE-ater not the-ATE-er!! :)