Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Memories

Spent most of the day decorating for Christmas. It was hard sometimes. I have some dough ornaments Peyton made when he was about 7. I had written his name and date on the back of them. Last year I bought a Santa riding a bull ornament. I wanted to show Peyton we were supporting him in every way. I put it in a prominent place on the tree this year too.

There are some Command hooks around the windows in Peyton's room. I came home from work one day last year and he had put Christmas lights on the inside of his windows. I thought how funny he was to do this. It didn't matter to him that some people would think it out of character for a "cowboy " to put up Christmas lights in his room. But that was just Peyton. He did what he enjoyed and really did live his life to the fullest. I miss him...I respect him...We enjoyed him so much. When I picture him in my mind, he is always smiling and laughing. I know he is still smiling and laughing and will be when I see him again.


ps said...

I know your house looks beautiful with the Christmas decor. It's beautiful anyway, even without it! I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving and that you are finding joy in the little things. Love you!

Staci said...

I've not seen your new house, Becky. I'll bet it is beautiful with your decorations. When we were putting ours up this year, a lot of things the girls made when they were little, we lost or something when we moved. I am still looking though!

gnichols said...

Becky, just read your blogs, and I can't believe how strong you are! I can't begin to imagine what you guys have been through. I don't know how people function without God in their lives. I have, just in the last year and a half, started the relationship with God that I have always longed for. I hope and pray that I continue to grow closer to and know him more. I have found that the more I give it all to him, the better things get. I know that you have strong faith. You know how many people love you guys. You are right that God never leaves you (good or bad). Just know that those of us around you are inspired by your faith and love for God. You have encouraged so many, just as Peyton did. Keep your chin up, the top of your head looks great, (especially after that new color) but your smile is much sweeter to see! :)