Monday, June 22, 2009

Adult Conversation - Peyton Story #3

This story is kinda related to the Father's Day story below. I have been wanting to tell this one, but was waiting until I found the picture Peyton drew. I haven't found it. I kept it for years, I don't know if finally threw it away or what. So here is the story, no picture.

When Peyton was about 11, I was working at Wilson Brothers' Automotive (a favorite of Jake's). The shop wasn't far from where we live and sometimes I would bring Peyton to work with me for awhile. One day Peyton was explaining to one of the owners how to filet a fish.

You cut straight down behind the gill until you feel the bone, then you slice toward the tail staying above the bone stopping just before you reach the end of the fish. Using your knife, flip the filet so it is meat side up with the scales on the table. Then run your knife under the meat just above the scales. Turn the fish over and do it all again.

The guy didn't understand. Peyton drew him a picture. The guy is listening and watching. He completely understood how to filet a fish when Peyton was finished. This instance has always stuck in my brain as the first time I heard my son have a "conversation" with an adult. I was impressed. He knew his stuff and was confident.

I was so blessed to have Peyton and I knew it. He amazed me time and time again with his intelligence and heart.

Thank you Lord that I was conscious of my blessings and appreciative when they were staring me in the face. I have many blessings in my life right now and I thank you for them. Use me Lord to be a blessing to others because that is the only way to live. Amen.


Melanie said...

I just finished reading your entries. God has given you the gift of writing. I cried through all of them, touched by what you had to say and out of regret for not having the honor of knowing Peyton. I had always thought my kids would go to school and grow up in Alma. I know Kelsey and Peyton would have been big buddies. They have so much in common. I feel like Kelsey, Chris, and Kayla missed out on a lot, not having any cousins to go to school with them and to just hang out. Kelsey would have been surrounded by cousins close to her age, Peyton, Andrew, and Taylor. Braylin and another cousin, Ashley Palmer, would have been a few grades behind her. I just want to know I think about you often and you are in my prayers. I love you.


P.S. Your cousin, Michael, is an exceptional person and friend. Duane and I are truly appreciative of him staying with Andrew following his accident until Terri Jo and Lenn could get there. I know that had to be an extremely scary time for him. Andrew is lucky to him as a friend.

Dar said...

Melanie, thank you for voicing what I think of every time I read Becky! She has been given the gift of writing and even MORE the gift of writing about this season in her life! I'm tellin' ya, Beck, just print your blog entries off, put 'em in a 3 ring binder and tidy them up for the publisher! The smiles and tears and smiles through tears over them all will bring a tide of healing over lives you'll never know til you get to Heaven!

ps said...

I am sure you would be amazed by the stories people could tell you about your son. I too am glad you had such a great relationship with him so you were able to recognize all the awesome things that made Peyton, Peyton!!