Friday, June 5, 2009

Bigger Steps

Very emotional right now, cleaning out some more of Peyton's things.

There is a boy from Alma in a hospital in Texas due to complications from a lung transplant. He has had a lung transplant due to cystic fibrosis. Next Friday and Saturday there will be a benefit yard sale for his family. I started gathering things up to donate to the sale. I hadn't planned on giving much of Peyton's stuff. Then I realized there will not be a better cause or a better opportunity.

In my head I know Peyton does not need these things. We do not need these things. It is another hard step to take. My heart is breaking because he will not wear or use these things again. I am sure I will battle my way back to the joy I know. I know Peyton is clothed in glory. He'll never have to shop again. (he didn't like shopping unless it was for boots LOL) I'm not really laughing out loud right now, but I will. I love that boy so much and he would be pleased his stuff is being put to good use.

Father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus.
Send your ministering angels to that hospital room in Houston. Let them hover over his bed and minister peace and strength to him and his mother. I ask that you send someone across their path to minister words of comfort to them. Thank you Lord for victory.

I am grateful

that my Lord never leaves me
for opportunities to glorify my Father
that I am able to move forward.
for my husband, I love him so much.

I am going to wipe my tears and pack this stuff into the car. I believe for a supernatural successful yard sale to help meet some of the physical needs of this family. Thank you Lord.


Kay said...

Good for you! I know it's hard. We did a garage sale not long after losing our little one and it was very successful. There are so many things, we couldn't possibly keep everything, so we chose what to sell and did it. I had a rough time when a man wanted to knock down the price of a tricycle that had never even touched the sidewalk. But we got through it. And you will too. With God.

ps said...

You have such a big heart Becky and that is exactly why God is and will do such amazing things through you!

dar said...

Becky girl, you are so amazing 'cause you SOOOOO depend on your amazing God! The Blood of the Lamb and YOUR testimony keeps that devil SOOOO defeated!!! WHOOOOPY!

couchfarms said...

Becky you are such an amazing person! You impact more people than you actually realize with your faith through this blog. Thanks you so so much for your generosity by giving items for the yard sale. We made $750.00 making it possible to pay for Chris' mom to stay a whole month at the Ronald McDonald House. I am in awe at your giving heart.
I love you so,