Monday, June 1, 2009

We got the Pig in the Ground.............

the water & cokes on ice, and all our faithful friends came over that night!!!!!!

All you wanted to know about roasting a pig in the ground but were afraid to ask.

Dig a hole. Tom didn't want to wait on the tractor, he did it the old fashioned way. I love this man, I come up with these crazy ideas and he does them!!!

We ordered the pig from a local butcher. It weighed 135 lbs. Everything I read on the internet said to allow 1 - 11/2 lbs per person. You have to keep it on ice until you are ready to cook it. You
need lots of help to handle that pig

Start your fire in the pit and let it burn down to coals. Tom burned about a rick of wood to get an adequate bed of coals.

Then he put these rocks in the pit and let them heat up. I didn't take a picture of the rocks on the coals because that was at 4:30 a.m. I was snoozing.

They butterflied the pig by cutting down its backbone, this will make sure it cooks evenly.

Rubbed it down with a dry rub.

Had the foil ready.

Rubbed it on the other side.

Wrapped up and ready to go. We had to put it back on ice until the coal bed was ready. We cooked it for 12 hours. Approximately 1 hr for every 10 lbs.

Put chicken wire underneath with handles on each end so we could pull it out of the pit in one piece.

It's in there cooking!!!! There were layers of wet cardboard put on top of the pig to keep the heat in, then sheet metal on top.

It's ready. There's the cardboard I mentioned before.

We used the four wheeler and a trailer to get it back to the house. See how handy that chicken wire was?


This is what it looked like with the skin pulled off. We had people serve themselves right off the trailer with some tongs to pull off the meat. It was very tender, falling off the bones!

Picking the meat off for leftovers

Happy kids, having fun

The cutest pig roasters of them all!!!

Everyone had a good time and PLENTY to eat.

These days if an idea comes to me, whether it be to call someone, send someone an email, start a blog, or cook a pig in the ground, I do it. What am I waiting for? Tomorrow? Tomorrow never gets here. So I listen for God and I obey. I will not miss any opportunities.
What are you waiting for? Just do it.


ps said...

Wow, how great that you took all the pictures so we could all see the process. It was delicious too and fun getting with everyone. I must say the grandsons were the most infatuated with the creek and pooled up water to stomp and play in. It was fun. Thanks for including us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for inviting us Becky! We had SO much fun! The food and pig was delicious. We love you guys!

Kim said...

I am so sorry we missed it! Looks like you had a great time and lots of good food!
Hopefully we will be around for next time!

suddenfire said...

It was awesome to meet you both are such a blessing!

Thanks for sharing!

Rayoma said...

It was delish! Had a great time! It was very relaxing sitting and chilling down by the creek. Love you guys.

Jessica said...

Ooh! Looks yummy! I grew up on a pig farm but have never done that! Maybe my parents should try sometime - looks good!! :)

Anonymous said...

That's great, really helpful. How many people did that 135 lb pig serve?

Beckypdj said...

Anonymous, there were probably 50 people there. We had leftovers, but not tons. The internet info I got said to allow 1 to 1 1/2 lbs per person. I think it should be 1 1/2 for sure :) thanks for asking and I hope you do this, it was very cool