Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Organ Donor

Peyton was an organ donor. I was so proud of him the day he got his driver's license and it showed he was an organ donor. We hadn't even discussed it before. We should have, it is important. I'm glad he knew the right thing to do.

Today I wrote a letter to LifeShare of Oklahoma. This is the organization that takes care of organ donation for Oklahoma. There may be others, I don't know. The procedure is for you the donor family, to write a letter to the recipient family. You can tell anything you want, but no last names, cities, addresses etc. You then mail this letter to LifeShare. They in turn mail it to the recipient family/families. It also works in reverse, the recipient family could write first. If you get a response, you then correspond anonymously for awhile and then you may decide to meet.

I wanted to write that letter sooner, but didn't. I do believe this is God's timing. I will admit, I feel very carnal......................I want a response.........................I want a happy ending.

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