Monday, June 8, 2009


Back in the day.................before I had a computer and blogging was not even a term, I wrote in a small journal. I was trying to record Peyton's life, something for him to have when he had children of his own. I was very very very very very sporadic writing about our everyday activities and Peyton's milestones. I have looked through it a few times since he went to Heaven. There is one entry I knew I would post on this blog. That is what seems to happen as far as postings. I think of something and I want to post right away, but usually I know to wait. I don't know why the Lord has me wait. Maybe someone needs to hear the story at a certain time or maybe I need to slow down so I can get perspective. This entry sums up a lot of Peyton. I always started every entry in this journal apologizing for not writing in it more. I will skip that.

You were into a twin bed in May of 1993. You looked so small in that big bed. Your pacifier is gone. Potty training is done. You're not a baby anymore. You're a little boy. Jesus lives in your heart. You can sing "Jesus Loves Me", Barney songs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and ABCs. You are the smartest boy in town. We love you so much.

You talk ALL the time, telling us stories about hunting BUCK deer and bears. You have quite an imagination. You love the rodeo and pretend you are riding bulls and roping calves.

We bought a pool the summer of 1994. You can already swim. You have no fear.

I wrote a little bit more but it wasn't anything important.

Peyton was born Oct 22 1991. He accepted Jesus into his heart at a very young age. I was so proud that Tom & I were the ones to lead him to the Lord.

Tom nor I took the rodeo stuff seriously. It was just a game to us. Peyton was not raised riding horses. He played baseball. You know, something normal. He loved baseball. But I knew when he started riding bulls it was different. This was not something he was going to "get over". It was his passion and we could not deny it. I felt that this was his future. Rodeo was his calling. I didn't necessarily like it. I wasn't interested in it, but I was interested in my son and his life.

God needs Christian cowboys ministering the gospel. Peyton was on his way. There was a boy that became friends with Peyton at the rodeo. He told us he and Peyton prayed together before they rode. I had never seen Peyton pray with anyone but us. I would have loved to have seen that.

How proud I am of my son.


Landon Parker said...

Great post Becky, I really enjoy these!

Jessica said...

I like these too!!

Beckypdj said...

Thanks, I appreciate it.

ps said...

That's so great you took the time to journal what you did. What a great idea. Wish I would have had that idea myself. Those are great memories and always will be. Thanks for sharing them with us. That is amazing about his love for bull riding even when he was so little.